After completing a Certificate in English, graduation to the next level requires the student passing that course’s final examination outlined as follows:

  • Elementary: Not Required
  • Intermediate I: Pass English Elementary Test
  • Intermediate II: Pass English Intermediate I Test
  • Advanced I: Pass English Intermediate II Test
  • Advanced II: Pass English Advanced l Test

The Different Level

course goals

Elementary Level

At the Elementary level, students improve their ability to express themselves and are able to listen with more understanding and comprehension. As they progress, students build on their foundation in grammar and expand their vocabulary.

Intermediate Level

At the Intermediate level, students have more confidence in English communication, both spoken and written, and move onto acquiring a wider vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures. As they progress, accuracy and fluency are emphasized.

Advanced Level

At the Advanced level, students achieve a high level of fluency in their spoken English, and move on to developing higher-order reading and writing skills and begin to acquire a more native-like command of the language. Grammar is presented in a systematic and logical order with the aid of a textbook written by internationally-renowned authors.